Like some variety in your reading? Want a lot of entertainment for your comic book dollar? Want to see what some of today’s big-name pros might do if they were given carte blanche to follow their muse? Sounds like Popgun is the book for you! Popgun Volume One, a hefty 400+ page original graphic novel, is described by co-editor Mark Andrew Smith as “the ultimate comic book mixtape. Big name creators doing material they’re not known for, new creators the world needs to hear about, and rare tracks that may have gone otherwise forgotten. People who are into comics will read ‘tracks’ by big name creators the likes they’ve never seen from before, rare ‘tracks’ previously forgotten about, and new artists they’ve never heard of but will be dying for more from.

Our first entry in the PREVIEWS GALLERY contains a whopping 36 pages from 6, POPGUN Vol. 1 entries. That’s more than the average single issue, and you can check it all out for free. Please visit here often in the days leading up to the release of the book for even more story previews from the world’s biggest mix-tap comics anthology! Learn more by checking out this site.

“Thus far, creators include folks such as Mike Allred, Erik Larsen, Andy Kuhn, Corey Lewis, Jim Mahfood, Jamie S. Rich, and many more. It’s also supposed to act as a primer to the industry—both mainstream and indie—for people who have never set foot in a comic shop before. It’s the best of comics, pop art, and music, mashed up under one perfect-bound cover. The goal is for it not only to hit the comic store shelves, but it should be sitting inside specialty shops along side vinyl records, art prints and the like.”

What determines whether a piece makes it into Popgun or not?
“We wanted stories that would appeal to people who never read comics before,” co-editor Joe Keatinge said. “Stories I could see my music or film-obsessed friends crack into. The truth is most comics these days don’t apply to anyone except established comic fans. We want Popgun to ‘infect the mainstream’ with hopes of someday establishing comics firmly in the wide world of pop culture, as opposed to the niche it currently occupies.”

Who are some of the writers and artists involved in Popgun?
What sort of material are they doing?
“The list is staggering at this point,” Keatinge said. “Aside from the big names Mark mentioned we have a comic cocktail of other mainstream and indie creators like Dave Crosland, Jonathan Hickman, Rick Remender, Richard Starkings, Jim Mahfood, Moritat, Brandon Graham, Derek McCulloch, Shepherd Hendrix, Chris Moreno, Nick Derington, James Stokoe, Marley Zarcone and Val Nunez. “It’s a very interesting mix of material. For example, Erik Larsen, normally associated superhero work is doing something closer Eightball or a twisted Optic Nerve. Corey Lewis has a prelude to his upcoming Image series, Pinapl. Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix of the Eisner-nominated Stagger Lee are doing a heart warming, yet frightening short. Newer creators such as Marley Zarcone and Val Nunez are really doing incredible work—especially when you consider they’ve not been published previously. Also, Joseph Michael Linsner is providing an introductory spread that is absolutely gorgeous. His fans will really dig it.”

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