Many people in Hokuriku are surprised to see that there are many people with beautiful skin.
Especially when you call a married woman who is coming from the late 30s to the early 40s as a deliher, its beauty may be surprised by its beauty.
As you go away from urban areas, the level of married women will also fall, so it is better to try searching for shops near the entertainment district of customs.

There are advantages and disadvantages in married wife Deriheru.
First of all, the merit is getting used to it.
There is no useless movement before going home after taking action.
Although it may be up to that if it says mechanical, it is possible to spend time without getting tired because there are many interesting people in conversation.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that when you fail, you may encounter quite bad people.
Far from being excited, there are many things that can only be disappointing by appearance.

What we can say in common with Derihel is that some degree of freedom is useful and that manners and customs are quite high.
People who have never experienced a married woman seem to be addicted to a married woman and there are things that can make personal favorites.

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