Comic books have always been a great source of entertainment for kids and even for the elders because there are several interesting stories displayed in these books along with many facts and fictions. If you want to spend some of your time in an entertaining way, you should start reading a comic book. However, the trends are changing very quickly and now kids are more interested in playing games instead of reading a comic book.

Some intelligent people understood this new change very quickly and they decided to make some games that include a comic book character in them. In the beginning, they had to face many difficulties as they were supposed to take permission from different higher authorities to create games on characters that belong a comic book.

However, they finally achieved success and the higher authorities allowed them to create such games is it was clearly manifest that a new change is essential to meet the needs of our new generation. Thus, several developers started their struggle of making games that are based on comic book characters. This effort took a lot of time but it brought many incredible benefits.

Only a few people know but most of the games are based on different comic book characters. Similarly, there are many other outstanding games that are based on characters that belong to a comic book. So, in today’s article, we are also going to talk about some most popular comic book heroes that inspired online games.


Superman is a very famous comic book character that became very popular. The super man’s character was first discussed in a science fiction novel that became very popular but it became more popular when different producers started making different movies on this theme. Therefore, there are many interesting movies that are based on this character. Similarly, there are many online games that move around this comic book hero but the death and return of Superman game became more popular as compared to others as it was based on the real story that was mentioned in the novel.

Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk is also a famous comic book character that first became a part of a movie and the movie became so much popular that the directors had to write another version of the movie. This comic book hero also became a part of the online games in the recent year. “Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction” is the game that is particularly based on this most powerful comic book character.


Spiderman is another famous comic book hero that dominated the hearts of many people. There is a series of movies based on this character. There are many games launched in the previous years that are particularly designed around the Spider man’s character. Click Here and see the list of comic book heroes that inspired online games.